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The Love Moldova foundation is seeking to eradicate poverty and relieve suffering of those most vulnerable in Moldova. To improve life experiences through loving support, education, and practical help; bringing hope to the hopeless through the Good News of Jesus.

  • Poorest country in Europe

  • Population 3.5 million

  • 40% working age population work abroad

  • Currently 400,000 girls are missing

  • Negative population growth

  • Male mortality – 57% attributed to smoking related diseases

  • Female Mortality - 62% attributed to smoking related diseases

  • 19% males die through alcohol abuse.

Since its independence in 1991, Moldova has been beset with an array of challenges stemming from four problematic situations...


The Love Moldova Foundation has been created to support the following projects and more. Each and every one is in full support of our our vision, to bring hope to the hopeless through the Good News of Jesus.

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If you would like to apply for funding in support of your project, please down load the official application form and email to

Ian gorton

I am very excited to be part of the Love Moldova Charity and am looking forward to being able to make a real difference to the lives of many people in Moldova.

I first came to learn about Moldova through the Sandu family whom I met through Hitchin Christian Centre.  I have become great friends with Leo Sandu who was born and grew up in Moldova and who has now moved back to Moldova...

Sally Wilson

My name is Sally Willson. I have lived in Highworth Wiltshire (UK) since 1985 and have been an active member of Highworth Community Church (HCC) since then. I have been serving on the church leadership team in a voluntary capacity since 2011.  trained as a nurse in the late 1970s, then in 1980 as a midwife. After having my 2 sons and 3 daughters...

Bob Pritchard

I worked in a Commercial Sales environment in different roles with a number of companies until I retired in October 2014. The last 29 years of my working life I was UK Sales Manager for a large German manufacturer. I now spend time doing voluntary work for Camberley Care, Citizens Advice and various other activities at St. Paul’s Church including running the recovery course for those struggling with addiction...

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